Mother! – Movie Review

Mother! with an exclamation mark is directed by Darren Arronfsky whose previous film Noah was bombed at the box office. Even though it was penned by critics I absolutely loved it. The character of troubled Noah and that of his God was fascinating to watch on big screen. The God was Noah was entirely detached to human suffering and in a way felt like he was a pompous self centered prick if I may say that without any backlash. I saw Mother! as an extension of that series and maybe even a prequel to Noah. This time around we get to see Him in person and we got a little bit of an explanation of why he does what he does.

Mother! starts with a secluded couple of Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence. Javier is a troubled writer who is suffering from a writer’s block and Jennifer Lawrence wants to make her home a paradise and keep setting it to her liking. Their relationship takes a hit when random strangers start coming unannounced and ruining their perfect little home. It starts slow and viewers are left scratching their head of what the real story is and why are these random strangers barging in their house and ruining everything. The third act is horrifying to watch and sometimes even unwatchable.

The character of Him, as I perceive it, was the character of God, wanting to create a place that is filled with people who appreciate him, just like an artist, his character came of as pompous and self obsessed unable to see the rationale behind anything. He gives away his own child to people who already ruined his eden like home and came about literally eating his new born baby. He then asks the mother of his child to forgive these people. Even in Noah the character of God was completely quiet to Noah’s suffering and asked to do horrifying things that defy any logic. There is a specific sequence of Jennifer Lawrence giving birth to their child and it should be experienced in cinema. It surpasses the birth sequence in Children of Men because it goes beyond the visual and aural experience of birth and shows exactly how difficult it is to give birth which escalated my response when that child was killed by the people. This has to be experienced in cinema, home TV cannot produce such experience at home and it might be once in a lifetime experience.

There was a couple sitting in front of me in cinema and they were completely clueless of what the film is about and kept making noises if they should walk out and they did even before the start of the 3rd act. This is precisely my issue, my issue isn’t with the film, it is with the viewers who feel entitled to be entertained by giving mere $10, cinema was never about entertainment, the medium of film is a medium of expression and it never guarantees that you would be blown away by the visuals or the story. This nature of current viewers are forcing directors to put meaningless jump scares in the movies so that audience get what they paid for, it is shameful. How come seeing a human being killed onscreen for personal vendetta not horror anymore, seeing blood of the person killed is horror, strangers in the house ruining Eden like house is horror. This is as horror as The Shining was. This repetitive nature of human beings to dismiss a film and create a cult following after years of release is in itself horrific to watch.

Since I love alegorical films and IF this ever turn out to be a triology, it will be my most favorite and most loved triology. Even surpassing the Red, white and blue triology by Kitzhof Kawloski, which i consider to be my most favourite triology of all time till now.

I will give Mother! an A+