Annabelle Creation – Movie Review

Annabelle Creation is the latest in the Conjuring series and following almost the same pattern of storytelling but with carefully crafted jump scares at right places. Here’s what I think about it.


Annabelle Creation follows a story of a tragic death of a 12 year old girl and how she wreck havoc on the lives of a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage when the move to a new house. Since the parents of the little girl seek help from the devil himself to bring back their daughter from the dead, all they got was few glimpse of their girl and an invitation from the parents to devil to posses the doll. Since the devil was seeking another human soul to clung onto, he chooses the polio ridden girl who couldn’t even walk.


The acting from most of the case members was good. Ms. Talitha Eliana Bateman’s performance stood out from the rest and gave this film a bit of an authenticity otherwise it would have been a generic jump scare film. It felt like the cast members gave their best to make this film a success and in terms of acting nothing felt too out of place which is usually the case in contemporary horror films.


Even though I am personally a huge fan of subtle psychological horror films with minimal jump scares, the story here was felt as polished for as many people as possible. It wasn’t as complex as The Witch but it makes sense not to include any complexity for mass audience. The themes of being an orphan could have been tied to the possession in my holy opinion but the story never explored that also it wasn’t shown why the demon chose this one girl with polio, it could have been a great subject to explore and maybe even throw her lack of faith as the reason since she was the most fragile because of polio. The only hint we got was that since she couldn’t go downstairs to play with other girls and she was alone most of the time upstairs the demon chose her, which in my books is kind of a cop-out.


Horror movies have essentially become unintentional comedy movies, in theatre if you are watching a horror film, most people laugh after getting scared and it seems that this unintentional laugh is what filmmakers are going for by introducing jump scares at odd intervals. Sam Raimi with his Evil Dead series was completely unpretentious by making it as “laughable” as possible and somehow making an unapologetic new genre of “comedy-horror”. I would prefer film makers accept that they are making a comedy horror as apposed to a pretentious horror that’s only meant for people to laugh at jump scares. By no means, I am dissing this good film (by today’s standards only) but it would be good if we can have less jump scares and actual horror in the mix for mass audience. There is a great opportunity for film makers to explore here, only time will tell if anyone would do so.

I will give it B-