Geo Sar Utha Kay – Movie Review

Geo Sar Utha Ke is a naive and abysmal attempt of film making, but hear me out, its still better than Yalghaar. Here’s why.

I consider Yalghaar as the lowest tipping point of Pakistani cinema as not only it was a technical disaster, it had no place in cinema. Geo Sar Utha Ke however is a product of brains that nurtured in “mujra” scene of Lahore. There was this one scene where a police officer was watching mujra and gets distracted by someone in the room, and I consider this the whole mindset of filmmakers. Nepotism runs high in Geo Sar Utha Ke cast and most of the actors are cheemas or friends of cheemas. It isn’t really a bad thing but they made the ugliest cheema their lead actor. These cheema brothers shared similar trait in the entire film, whereever they saw a woman, they fell in love, and proposed in the next scene. The lead actor Mr. Shehryar Cheema fell in love with a doctor who was thrice in size and body structure, all lead actors could literally fit in her body size, her face filled half of the cinema screen. Probably came straight from casting couch.

One third of the runtime was spent finding the love of their lives and singing/dancing on streets of lahore and bahria town. After all these clichéd storylines the film quickly moved to the climactic action scenes. One of the lead actor dies, who wasn’t a cheema, which was predictable.

The actors couldn’t act, the production design was bare minimum, the music was horrendous, the cinematography was clumsy and editing had jumps. Even after all of this, no matter how trite or cliched the story was, it still had a structure, a villain, a character (Babar Ali) who went through an arc.

Yalghaar sadly had none of it.

All is not gloomy and dark here though, one of the good things of Geo sar Utha Ke was Mr. Shafqat Cheema, he really knows how to look and act menacing. I wish his talent is used in some better production in future. Other thing worth mentioning is that story took some time to represent Sikh community in Punjab and presenting their culture in a positive light.

Even though Geo Sar Utha Ke had its heart in right place, it’s lack of maturity and naivety bogged it down.

I would give it a D+