Paris – Dessert Diary

My trip to Europe at the beginning of this year was the most magical experience I have ever had chance to buy from money. Maybe money can really buy happiness at least for a short period of time.

I will be writing more about every place I visited in my upcoming blog posts but the one i would be talking about today is PARIS!. What a beautiful place to visit. It was the only place i was most excited about in my entire Europe tour. The sight of Eiffel Tower and the “food street” leading to Champs-Élysées was beautiful. 



Since i am a big foodie and my whole life revolves around thinking about what to eat or what to cook, i was pumped for Paris and its delicacies. I made this rule to eat as many pastries and macaroons as I can so that i can develop a taste for new flavors and delicacies.


By the time I reached Paris, I had already gotten addicted to croissants, as expressed in my previous post. The smell of freshly baked croissants in Paris is one of the things that are bang for the buck and you feel like all that you have paid to reach here is worth it. Parisians weren’t as arrogant as I imagined and came across as pretty on par with the attitude of people in pakistan (which means cranky AF). The macaroons were delicious and i couldn’t get enough of them but the overall deserts were a bit bland for me. On my way back home I bought macaroons from Laudree and my family had the same sentiments about those macaroons that they aren’t anything special.

The tarts, the entremets, the pies they all were a bit bland. Somehow weren’t as sweet as you would want or lacked flavor. If its berries it would just be a hint of berry, just a hint of it. I was overall quite disappointed by the quality of desserts there. I was told before going to Paris by two to three sources that I would be disappointed by food and I didn’t believe it, coz I was so much in Love with the image of Paris but that was exactly true. In my next blog posts, I will share my views about Italy but Paris was a bit of a downer.

DISCLAIMER: This does not mean that Paris is not a good destination for tourism, just my two cents on the food scene there.