Baby Driver – Movie Review

Baby Driver flows like a systematic rhythm that is perfectly in sync with the actions of the characters, it almost become like a symphony in one of the fight scenes which is quite enthralling to watch. I would say the flow in itself is a treat for budding filmmakers to see and learn how to synchronize action and music. This certainly isn’t done for the first time in cinema but it was the most polished way to do so.

The flow of the film feels like a character in itself, showing only what is necessary and skipping the rest for viewer’s imagination. I have always been fascinated by Mr. Edgar Wrights editing in all of his movies, I consider Scott Pilgrim vs the World to be his best work in terms of editing. It was extremely hurtful to see The Social Network to win in this category back in 2011 Academy Awards. It wasn’t the first time Academy missed on appreciating the finest of the industry.

Baby Driver is when you mix La La Land with Drive in an extremely cool and young way. I like how Mr. Wright distort time and show an amalgamation of the best of every generation. Kevin Spacey, John Hamm and Ansel Elgort represent an all-encompassing of generations and at the very extreme you have Kevin Spacey who is high tech in his planning of heist and Ansel Elgort stuck in making mix tapes. This is ironic yet endearing to watch.

This review is not how cool or good the movie is, because Mr. Edgar Wright rarely makes a bad film but it’s an analysis of his genius techniques of placing fun elements at the right beats to make his films a treat to watch. From the opening 6 min sequence of the car chase till the end of the film flows like an EDM soundtrack which you just want to keep listening to. Much of it comes from his sharp dialogues, grounded characters and his choice of music.

In the end audience root for the lead characters, as the credit roll you feel you have watched a really cool film with a cool soundtrack and you want to watch it again. This is true for almost all Edgar Wright’s films though. I wish he keeps making uncompromised movies and studios give him all the creative control over his films in future. I came back smiling and looking for its soundtrack on apple music which wasn’t available there. Sigh!

I will give this an A.