Jagga Jasoos – Movie Review

I am a fan of Mr. Basu, I have always liked his film even when they are heavily inspired or whatsoever because all of his films have big heart. I immensely enjoyed his previous film Barfi and was quite looking forward to Jagga Jasoos.


Its trailer gave me an impression that it might be either influenced by Ace Ventura or Tintin, it does however rely on its similarities with Tintin. The film starts with a stammering Jagga who learns to talk by singing. From there on out it sets a beautiful tone that this is going to be a musical spy thriller, which in itself is quite a big risk even for Bollywood. I am not here talking about song numbers, I am talking about people singing throughout. I saw a few viewers walk out during the first half hour in the cinema but I stay put glued to my seat.

Story moves forward with jagga solving cases involving arms smuggling globally, carefully leaving out pakistan in the mix to avoid any controversy, and Ms. Kaif tagging along with Mr. Kapoor in his adventure. I have not read what other reviewers are saying but I feel like a musical about weapon smuggling is a huge risk that paid off. Every character in the story made sense and had a reason to be taking screen space.

I do have one gripe though, the trailer led me to believe that animals would have a far bigger role in the film but they were just used as environmental props, I do completely understand the technical constraints here but I just wish the scope of their involvement could have been more. Though their presence made jagga more down to earth but still they were just used as a prop which I wasn’t comfortable with.


Jagga Jasoos is one hell of a beautiful film. Every location is lit and captured beautifully, the pacing of the film is fluid, I never got bored for a second and it’s a compliment for a film which is almost 3 hours long. However, the direction needed to be a tad bit better in utilizing space where action was taking place. It is important for viewers to see in action sequences where character is coming from and where can he go, otherwise the action scenes look choppy. For instance, if a character dives in water and in next scene slides conveniently from a drainage area to ground it just not the right way to direct action scenes. Mr. Basu surely needs to work on this though.


Mr. Ranbir was flawless here and it felt as if this role was written for him, his stammering was funny and sometimes heartbreaking and Mr. Ranbir does so effortlessly. Ms. Kaif however was a bit disappointing because her original voice wasn’t used and it was jarring seeing her speak her dialogues when you know its not her voice. She although was as good as she could have been and wasn’t annoying enough for me to roll my eyes, she was adequate but not great. Mr. Chatterjee was amazing as Mr. Kapoor’s father, their chemistry was a treat to watch on screen.


The film deserves a round of applause for being brave and different. Even though it has its fair share of issues but I do appreciate the entire cast and crew for a fine entertaining film that is sorely needed. I would give this film a B+