Hunt for Fresh Croissant – Espresso Café Karachi

At the beginning of this year I traveled across Europe and basically lived on croissants. The smell of freshly baked flaky croissant is irreplaceable. When you bite croissants the sound of it makes you feel the heavens above. They are always available in cafes in Amsterdam and of course in Paris and somehow, they are always consistent in Europe as if all of them follow a similar recipe, which is actually true, there is a standard croissant recipe which requires care and experience. Once a chef knows how to make them they can keep making it every day with same consistency.

File_000.jpegHere is the picture of usual breakfast that I used to have in Amsterdam. Only 6 euros and it came with a large croissant and bread with jam and butter. I still remember its taste and how flaky they used to be every single day.

After hunting for croissants in Karachi, I came across croissants in Espresso Café, the server said it’s the last one. I was skeptical if they were fresh or not, he nodded and said it is fresh. With high hopes, I was served with this plate that costs around 450 pkr. Two tiny and measly croissants which were hardly fresh. I am afraid they aren’t even aware of what fresh croissants are like, which is concerning. They looked something like this.

File_000_1.jpegI finished them in four bites and it was a rather unsatisfying experience to put it gently. They felt reheated and there were no flakes on my plate. In Paris the croissants used to be so flaky that my whole face used to be covered with its flakes. Now that is FRESH! There is a saying that there is no such thing as bad croissants, i now disagree.

My hunt for fresh croissants continues! If you know any place serving fresh and flaky croissant, please let me know.