Mehrunisa V Lub U – NOT!


Mehrunnisa V lub U is the second venture by Yasir Nawaz after his previous movie Wrong No. The movie starts with Danish Taimoor coming back from abroad distributing gifts to his well-wishers and introducing characters along the way central to the plot. It is quite convenient to introduce characters this way as done by many Sooraj Barjatya films (and look how they turned out to be!)

We are also introduced to some miscreants trying to steal their property for political gain, power and profit. However, the central plot revolves around Danish Taimoor’s marriage with Sana Javed and her journey from serene mountainous land to hustle and bustle of Karachi and its filth. This right there is a good story!, but soon Danish Taimoor finds out that he can’t conceive a child since Mehru is stressed seeing the bad environment around her and things need to change. The story then revolves around how Danish Taimoor helps change the environment of the neighborhood and finally after many twists and turns win over the entire neighborhood.

While it may sound good in writing, the apparent taste of Mr. Yasir Nawaz wreak havoc throughout the film. What was supposed to be a cutesy fairytale-ish story turns into a Punjabi theater play with crass humor and vile characters. It needs a pure soul to tell a pure story and Mr. Yasir Nawaz lacks any of that. While I agree that Pakistani audience may like crass humor and it worked with Jawani Phir Nahin Aani last year, but it felt misfit here because the whole intention of Mehru was a public service message by CBC/KMC at best.

The character of Mehru was half baked too, it wasn’t established why everyone in the neighborhood loved her when she had only 2-3 dialogues in the film and hardly interacted with anyone. It was Ali (Danish Taimoor) who made all the effort to change.

The acting across the board was unrehearsed and Danish Taimoor’s dance moves were funnier than the crass humor written in the script. Mr. Nayyar Ejaz tried his best to act as much as the script allowed but his character could have been epic but ruined by lack of direction and solid script.

While I do not question Mr. Yasir Nawaz’s intention for a good message but this isn’t and should never be the center point of any story. It should come organically from the actions and intentions of characters. A bad writing can be spotted when characters have to say out loud all their intentions rather than conveying it through their actions and acting.

I will not bash this film on its technical ground because it was much better than yalghaar (believe it or not!) Mostly the shots were in focus. However lighting was as bad as Pakistani commercials but we probably have to live with that. The color correction had major issue at 20 mins mark and the highlights were completely black. These rookie issues should not be there and the colorist should be entirely blamed for this.

Overall, Mr. Yasir Nawaz needs to learn the craft of film making before venturing onto his next film. A good writer and a good cinematographer might help his next films. I will give this film a generous C rating.