Yalghaar – A Complete Mess!


I watched this movie at Nueplex Cinema in Karachi and the audience was subjected to possibly the worst animation of Pakistani flag while the National Anthem was sung at the background. It was that after thought of Nueplex cinema that somehow lingered throughout the movie.

Yalghaar started with an unexplained mission by our army jawans rescuing some unknown person from militants captivity. No character was seriously introduced, no mission completely told but we knew whatever they were doing was right because they are “protecting” Pakistani citizens. From there on out, it was an endless charade of unexplained missions till the final battle. More on that later.

We were introduced to several commanding officers. From Shan to Bilal Ashraf, from Umair Jaswal to Bilal Ashraf’s friend, all two dimensional characters wanting to serve the nation, hardly portraying any character arc. Umair Jaswal was on screen for 2 mins with only 1 dialogue, his insta stories has more frames prepping for this role than actual seconds in the film.

Yalghaar has several issues. From rookie direction to non-existing story, abisimal cinematography to bad art direction to name a few. Acting by all male leads is worst than Waar, which is only topped by the plasticky female leads who have nothing better to do than praying for their boyfriends to come home after the battle.

There are however more issues in this film apart from above mentioned. The biggest issue is of the language which is used as a divider to contrast between good and evil. Those who are consistently speaking english are the good characters whereas the ones speaking in urdu are the evil. This technique of juxtaposing good and evil using language didnt end there, the writer (Mr. Hassan Rana) divided the gender too, by playing the age old card of women praying for their men to come home, as if its their only purpose in life. From beginning to end, women were used in this film as either an object of gratification or someone you settle with, rather than making them substantial characters with a different viewpoint.

The acting across the board was atrocious expect for Gohar Rasheed,  the only character which showed some arc, the other characters were just puppets delivering ISPR’s authorized script. The icing on the cake was appalling cinematography, several shots were jerky, out of focus, no headroom and no composition at all, as if it was done by someone holding the camera for the first time. At least give some respect to RED camera if not Pakistan!

The final battle started with the usual gore and blood splatters downloaded from Action Essentials that you can buy in $20. However the battle ended with a fist fight of Shaan and Humayun Saeed. I swear they could not move their bodies and the editor had to cut scenes rapidly so that they can hide all the flaws.

The only redeeming factor of this stinking mess of a film was the trailer of Na Maloom Afraad 2, which actually looked and felt like a real film. Looking forward to it. I will generously give this film a C-